** Please note – visitors are not permitted to enter Skeleton’s Lair in costumes or make-up.

Self guided walking tour on a trail through the woods with eerie scenes and two story buildings including the Haunted House of Wax and Grover Smith Sanitarium. Throughout the journey you’ll encounter live actors and special effects.

Skeletal Visions 3D is ALL NEW in 2019. Amazing images of this skeleton themed attraction appear to pop off the walls and float in mid-air! Mix in some scares and you’ll see why its a fan favorite for many visitors!

A haunted hayride through scenes with larger than life characters, animatronics including an old saw mill… a pirate ship and the all new Big Top Terror.

New additions and updates for 2019! The Doomsday Doll Factory, our all-new Haunted House features live actors & professional choreography. Don’t miss a chance to tour the old Doll Factory where creepy dolls come to life in this two story haunted house.

This is a hands on interactive adventure where you’re locked in a room, and with just three minutes on the clock… test your wits to see if you can solve the puzzle…beat the clock and ESCAPE.





General Admission


3 Attractions: 3D Zone, Haunted Woods, Haunted Hayride


Combo Ticket


4 Attractions: 3D Zone, Haunted Woods, Haunted Hayride PLUS Doomsday Doll Factory


3 Minute Escape


Must be purchased separately along with a General Admission or Combo Ticket


VIP Fast Pass


Cut wait time up to a 1/3rd and skip straight to the scares!

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